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We rescued a 2 year old giant schnauzer/doodle mix named Zaidy who was never properly puppy or pubic socialized and barely walked by previous owner, not to mention they crated her most of the day. She is also stubborn yet very smart. We did the two week board and train with Crystal and it was one of the best investments we’ve ever made. We’ve tried other training classes but treats only got us so far as she was playfully reactive with other dogs. Crystal did the impossible and taught Zaidy all the commands even with plenty of distractions! We were amazed and shocked I could walk her with no leash. Crystal has been so supportive and available for advice. This has been very difficult for me and she has provided so much help and guidance and continues to. The lifetime guarantee is priceless in itself and instead of painstakingly searching through the loads of information online, I can go straight to our trainer. Thank you for everything Crystal!!!

Chrissy O

We highly recommend Alex from Albany Off leash K9 training. She took on our 2 year old Bernadoodle Finn for 2 week board and train- who is a VERY big boy but had a big problem with jumping on people, consistently obeying basic commands, and leash pulling. I was constantly afraid that he would inadvertently knock over a child or elderly person with his “enthusiasm”.  I dreaded having visitors over our home because Finn would “greet” aka attack them at the door and it would take several minutes for him to calm down.

Within 2 days, Alex sent us videos and texts showing Finn “place” on command. She then showed us his daily progress introducing more  and more distractions. He demonstrated focus I never imagined he possessed! He is still our silly boy Finn – but a better calmer version of Finn. He walks/heels on leash with ease and no pulling. He will “place” when a person enters our home. He walks off leash without fear he will wander away. He obeys all commands immediately. Alex is a miracle worker! This has resulted in a better relationship between Finn and us- because he is no longer a source of constant frustration. We can just enjoy him and reinforce what Alex has taught us.

We wish we did it sooner!

Gerri R

The difference in my dog, Bean, was night and day from when I started training with Hugh and when we graduated. Bean didn’t have any behavioral issues besides his youthful exuberance/normal puppy behavior (jumping up, pulling on the leash). By the time we finished I could walk/jump/run around him in a wait and he would not move, he comes when called and is MUCH better on the leash too. Thank you Hugh!

Carrie R