Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Dogs: Keeping Your Furry Friends Safe and Happy During the Holidays

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Thanksgiving Foods to Avoid for Dogs

When it comes to Thanksgiving, it’s important to be aware of the foods that can be unsafe for dogs.Raw or undercooked turkey should be avoided, as it can be distressing for pets. Additionally, certain ingredients commonly used in Thanksgiving dishes can be toxic to dogs and should be kept out of their reach.Garlic, onion, leeks, and chives, for example, can cause destruction of red blood cells in dogs and cats. Desserts like pies, fruitcakes, and cookies should also be off-limits, as they may contain ingredients that are toxic to pets, such as chocolate, raisins, currants, and xylitol. Another important item to keep away from dogs is unbaked dough containing yeast, as it can cause stomach blockage and alcohol poisoning. Lastly, it’s crucial to ensure that pets don’t consume batter with raw eggs, as it can lead to food poisoning.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your furry friend’s health. By being mindful of these Thanksgiving foods, you can help prevent any potential health issues and keep your dog safe during the holiday festivities.

Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving Meal Options

While there are certain foods to avoid, there are still ways to include your dog in the Thanksgiving celebrations. When it comes to turkey, it’s best to only feed pets boneless and well-cooked turkey, avoiding raw or undercooked portions. Small amounts of cooked turkey, mashed potatoes, or pumpkin pie are generally safe for pets, but it’s important to ensure they don’t overindulge. Overeating can lead to digestive issues or even pancreatitis in dogs.

To make Thanksgiving special for your furry friend, consider providing them with their own special meal. This can include chew bones or a puzzle toy filled with turkey and vegetables. By offering them a safe and enjoyable alternative, you can ensure that they feel included in the festivities without compromising their health.

Managing Overindulgence and Digestive Issues

Overindulging dogs during Thanksgiving can have negative consequences on their health. It’s important to be mindful of portion sizes and prevent them from overeating. Dogs have different dietary needs compared to humans, and sudden changes in their diet can lead to digestive issues or even pancreatitis. To avoid any potential health problems, it’s best to stick to your pet’s regular diet during the holidays. This will help maintain their digestive system’s balance and overall well-being.

By monitoring portion sizes, sticking to their regular diet, and being aware of the potential health issues associated with overindulgence, you can ensure that your dog stays healthy and happy during Thanksgiving.

Keeping Dogs Away from Harmful Substances

In addition to avoiding certain foods, it’s important to take precautions to keep dogs away from harmful substances during Thanksgiving. Raw yeast bread dough, for example, can cause bloating and be life-threatening for pets. It’s crucial to keep it out of their reach.Toxic plants and flowers, such as hydrangeas, baby’s breath, and poinsettias, should also be avoided. These plants can pose a threat to dogs if ingested.

It’s also essential to ensure that dogs don’t have access to alcohol, as it can cause alcohol poisoning. Secure trash cans or keep them behind closed doors to prevent pets from accessing potentially harmful leftovers. By taking these precautions, you can create a safe environment for your dog during Thanksgiving celebrations.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety for Dogs

Thanksgiving gatherings can be overwhelming for dogs, causing stress and anxiety. To help alleviate these feelings, provide your dog with a quiet space where they can retreat to if needed.This space should be equipped with toys and water to keep them occupied and comfortable. It’s also important to supervise interactions between pets and children to prevent accidents or injuries. With the chaos of the holiday, it’s crucial to keep a close eye on the door to prevent dogs from escaping.

By creating a calm and secure environment for your dog during Thanksgiving, you can help reduce their stress and anxiety, ensuring a more enjoyable holiday for everyone.


Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate and give thanks, and that includes our furry friends. By following these Thanksgiving safety tips, you can ensure that your dog stays safe and healthy during the holiday festivities. Remember to avoid certain foods that can be harmful to dogs, provide pet-friendly meal options, manage overindulgence, keep dogs away from harmful substances, and reduce stress and anxiety for your furry friend. Prioritizing your dog’s well-being and safety will make Thanksgiving a joyful and worry-free experience for both you and your beloved pet.